Vld dating software reviews

I looked at "Chameleon dating software (also with Social networking) but read reviews that say stay away from this. Can you help have you brought this software, or been a admin/webmaster running a site with this & can tell me the pitfalls please.Your views on Social Networking Software, As I have two in mind phpfox and Social Engine ?It's not price, but which YOU would prefer to use IF a member or Admin/web-master..Could dating sites reviews do a "dating & Social networking Software review(s) please..

The off the shelf software we ended up choosing was Ska Date.Well, if contacting the company is any indication of service, they have NONE!I have tried calling their phone lines and get nothing but a busy tone.I was one of the first vldpersonals clients and so I was one of the first victims. Their team is friendly, timely, skilled, professional, and responsive.