Secured updating network systems

The following Juniper products will transition to Pulse Secure: Security is a vital element of our mission to help our customers succeed.

At Juniper, we will continue to deliver high-performance, highly scalable solutions that effectively secure networks, users, content, and applications across the enterprise data center, campus and branch, as well as the service provider mobile core.

In addition, all Juniper products will continue to interoperate with Pulse Secure products to ensure comprehensive threat protection from end to end.

Whether you are a customer, prospective customer, or Juniper partner, you can find complete information on the Pulse Secure transition in the following links.

Pine App Mail Secure combines security and intuitive design for total messaging support.

As a standalone company, Pulse Secure now concentrates resources and focus to solve enterprise mobility challenges.You can configure any Active Directory–integrated zone for secure dynamic update, and then use the ACL to specify which users and groups have authority to modify the zone and records in the zone.The following sections describe the standards that comprise secure dynamic update, describe the secure dynamic update process, and explain how to configure secure dynamic update.If you created the zone as a standard primary zone and then converted it to an Active Directory–integrated zone, it is configured for non-secure dynamic updates or for no dynamic updates, depending on how the primary zone was previously configured.To configure secure dynamic update With secure dynamic update, only the computers and users you specify in an ACL can create or modify dns Node objects within the zone.