Only fools and horses dating agency

Even Rodney seems to be having some success as he has persuaded barmaid 'Nervous Nerys' to go out on a date with him - despite Jevon and Mickey Pearce getting nowhere with her because they weren't macho enough for her.

But, as usual, everything is not as it seems and all three are in for a big surprise as their bubble is about to be burst one more time.

In the Only Fools and Horses episode Dates, who can forget the Dating Agency scene.

They hit it off straight away and it looks like love is in the air.Rodney also drives the three wheel Van that Del drives.Rodney is married to Cassandra and in the last episode ever he had a baby girl which he named after his mum, Joan, although he moved out to live with cassandra, he and cassandra ended up living in the flat with Del and Raquel when they went bankrupt, it is unknown whether Rodney and cassandra are still living in the flat.Brief: Delboy meets an actress, Raquel, through the Technomatch Dating Agency; Rodney goes cruising (in a three wheel van) with Nervous Nerys ; and Uncle Albert is given a surprise birthday party. Transmitted: Duration: 80 minutes Viewing Figures: 16.6 million Things look rosy for Del though.His date with Raquel Turner (unemployed actress) goes swimmingly…