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In May 2006, her mother publicly apologized to Clinton for critical remarks she made about young people's work ethic, after Clinton privately took exception to her mother's comments.

During the campaign, Philippe Reines, her mother's press secretary, often shadowed Clinton during her public appearances, attempting to deflect "...hangers-on, swooning frat boys and, mostly, looming trouble in the form of microphones, cameras and notepads".

Chelsea joined a chorus of condemnation of Duterte's remark that his soldiers could rape up to three women each and he would 'take responsibility' after declaring martial law in the city of Marawi. It's important to keep pointing that out and that rape is never a joke.'Duterte's troops are locked in battle with ISIS fighters in the city of Marawi in the south of the country. Duterte declared martial law across the entire southern region of Mindanao last week, home to roughly 20 million people, in response to the crisis as he warned that local militant groups were uniting behind ISIS and becoming a major security threat. At the end of a long speech to naval officers and their families, Duterte said he was just being sarcastic as he took aim at people who criticized his rape remarks but particularly Clinton.

Duterte said today: 'These whores, they hear "rape". Fighting: Duterte declared martial law as he battles ISIS militants in the city of Marawi. Shortly after declaring martial law, he told his troops in a speech: ' 'For this martial law and the consequences of martial law and the ramifications of martial law, I and I alone would be responsible. Rodrigo Duterte ran for mayor if Davao City and won in 1988.

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Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte has denounced Chelsea Clinton as he tried to defend a 'joke' he made about his troops raping women. Ever' in reaction to the news of Duterte's remarks on rape.

The controversial president - who has overseen the murder of thousands of drug users and has now declared martial law as he fights an ISIS insurgency - used Clinton's father's affair with Monica Lewinsky to attack the former first daughter. I do not laugh at my own jokes.''I will tell her, when your father, the president of the United States, was f***ing Lewinsky and the girls in the White House, how did you feel? In a second post she wrote: 'Duterte is a murderous thug with no regard for human rights. If you rape three (women), I will say that I did it.' Trapped villagers are pictured being rescued Amidst the fighting that has forced 50,000 people to flee, teenage ISIS fighters are said to be shooting people dead for failing to quote the Koran. If you rape three (women), I will say that I did it.'That remark was met with widespread condemnation, and on Wednesday Duterte tried to defend himself.

“There’s so much that they understand about each other.If there’s anyone who understands what Chelsea Clinton has been through, it is Ivanka Trump,” CNN reports that Emily Heil, co-author of the Washington Post’s “Reliable Source” column, has said. (Photo: Getty Images)told Yahoo Parenting, “My whole life has been reoriented around my daughter.” And Ivanka echoed the sentiment when she recently spoke with Yahoo Parenting, revealing, “If my kids need me, I’m with them.Celebrities born the same day: Elizabeth Taylor, Josh Groban, Joanne Woodward, John Steinbeck, Kate Mara, Julie Andrieu, Derren Brown, Rozonda Thomas, Nancy Spungen, Roberto Assagioli, Enrico Caruso, Marie-Laure Augry... Celebrities being the same height: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Paris Hilton, Che Guevara, Jared Leto, Zayn Malik, Adele (singer), Robert Redford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes... Celebrities having the same aspect Venus opposite Pluto (orb 003'): Mahatma Gandhi, Novak Djokovic, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Al Capone, Aamir Khan, Ren Magritte, Thomas Jefferson, Ivana Trump, Jamie Lynn Spears, David Carradine, Gerard Way, Austin Mahone... Celebrities having the same aspect Mars conjunction Jupiter (orb 014'): Halle Berry, Elizabeth II, Arielle Dombasle, Jamel Debbouze, Joan Rivers, Ozzy Osbourne, Michel Polnareff, Prince George of Cambridge, Richard Nixon, Catherine Ringer, Val Kilmer, Ray Charles... Astrology Data Base updated Saturday, 26 August 2017 at pm, CEST52,786 celebrities and events, out of which 22,817 entries with a known time of birth.He was re-elected several times and waged a war on crime in the Philippines.Among his many crackdowns, Duterte banned swimsuit competitions in beauty pageants in Davao City, slashed speed limits, banned cigarettes and firecrackers and also ordered every shopping mall and commercial centre to install CCTV.