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This limited blend displays the extraordinary qualities that result from the blending of selected parcels of the very richest, and most complete wines in the cellar, including wines over 40 years old.

Cape Town - Western Cape police are keeping mum about the murder of a teenage girl whose body was found in Tokai Forest on Monday evening.

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French insurance companies (which own a number of fine estates in several countries) followed.That dense, sweet pulp is added to lighter base wine (which may contain Muscat) in 130-litre vats, with the number of puttonyos determining the sweetness of the final product: five puttonyos is the entry level for real character. There was no investment in the vineyards and attention to quality lapsed.In 1989, however, foreign investors rushed to take advantage of the dormant potential.The grape varieties are Furmint and Harslevelu, and the best berries are picked in a state of advanced shrivelling from noble rot, Botrytis cinerea; aszu means "dried berries".They're placed in tubs, called puttonyos, each holding 25kg to 30kg of grapes, and trodden or crushed.