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I need to find strong players who think they can beat me and think they have a shot against me in the finals.Those are the people I need to develop those relationships with to take me to the end. That really has everything to do with who I’m playing with.This season was good in an kind of way: Brandon Hantz, nephew of Season 19 villain Russell, roamed the beaches during each episode in the clutches of moral desperation and internal struggle, his “Loco” neck tattoo at odds with his heavenly ordained responsibility to be a kind of holy man.

The network's taking it to new levels with an unprecedented four contestants making the leap to new shows this fall, so it seems inevitable that someone will eventually achieve the dubious distinction of becoming the first person to compete in all three of the Big Three. As for their angle, Natalie and Nadiya probably can't convincingly alternate portraying one twin à la with then-girlfriend Kat Edorsson, but Hayden and Kat split up before CBS had a chance to tap into that sweet, sweet synergy.

A confident star now, Whitney previously admitted to FEMAIL it took over a decade to get to where she is now.

Whitney says her 'whole life has been a struggle' and she has had some extremely low, 'depressed' moments.'Confidence isn’t something you’re born with or not - just like happiness isn’t just a natural state,' she said.

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The team that finishes first on the first leg of the race will be awarded a save that they can use at any point in the game if they come in last and face elimination. The 11 teams are as follows: Name: Adam Dirks Age: 26Hometown: Princeville, Hawaii Connection to teammate: Married Name: Bethany Hamilton Age: 24Hometown: Princeville, Hawaii Connection to teammate: Married Follow on Twitter: @bethanyhamilton Name: Maya Warren Age: 29Hometown: Madison, Wis.