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Not all of them were ready in time, but according to multiple sources, somewhere between six and 12 appeared simultaneously that day.

And yet, over the years, only the ad from AT&T has stuck in our collective memory as “the world’s first banner ad.”Despite not technically being first, the “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here?

Available banking services include commercial banking, construction and residential lending and personal banking services. When she was 14, Kamella had witnessed similar exchanges between her mother and her mother's boyfriend."It started with him being verbally aggressive; he would say hurtful things to me and her.It was new to me, but I thought, 'I guess that's what guys do,'" said Kamella, now 17 and a student at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet School.Kamella Wolfork still remembers the fear she felt when her boyfriend pinned her against a wall and demanded she say she loved him.Before that, there had been signs during their 10-month relationship: He would hold onto her wrists too long, preventing her from walking away, she said.