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I was like, 'Right, of course, that makes perfect sense'."Wiig and Moretti were reported last year to be considering adopting a child together, but there have been no recent developments on that matter.Barrymore and Wiig have been friends for several years."I remember when you were just waiting for that phone to ring, and then you were worried because you'd miss their call and then the answering machine manifested and it was tapes, and you were so, kept checking that tape.Like, there's a part of me that still dates from that kind of perspective," she said.Drew has played the role as Con Sawyer in the ABC Weekend Specials in 1985 in an episode titled “The Adventures of Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn”.

I'm going to take a while." "I'm still in shock over everything," said Drew The mum-of-two added that she was staying away from dating apps.

that she fully supports her former flame and Wiig's romance."It all seems so wacky and incestuous," she joked, adding: "But that's kind of how life works!

"The actress continued: "It seems fitting that they would find each other.

Drew Barrymore played a celebrity dating game with Ellen De Generes on Thursday’s “The Ellen De Generes Show,” rejecting everyone from Jake Gyllenhaal to Brad Pitt. Single in the wake of her divorce from Will Kopelman, Barrymore explained how she successfully co-parents and puts family first.

But after talking at length about the subject, De Generes announced, “We’re going to talk about dating.” She pointed out, “There are a lot of celebrities on dating apps now. My other girlfriend said she’s going on a three-month no-swiping thing.