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Our Marathon County real estate attorney helps minimize the risks in residential and commercial property transactions.UPDATE FOR ALL G REIT INVESTORS All G REIT investors should have recently received a distribution check representing the first of three (3) distribution payments to be delivered in relation to the final liquidation and winding up of G REIT. How and why is a Trustee appointed to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case? How is a Panel Trustee appointed to a specific case? In those cases, the trustee files a report of no distribution with the Court to indicate there will be no payment to the creditors. What are some common reasons for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Generally, most assets held by the average debtor are considered to be exempt.We work with you to minimize your risks, protect your interests, and to offer you common-sense business solutions.We assist Wisconsin and out-of-state business clients who need legal guidance in the practice areas of business law, business and civil litigation, real estate, landlord/tenant issues, copyright and trademarks, and bankruptcy.

There are variety of reasons to close a business, including poor results, owner retirement or poor health, or the loss of a franchise arrangement.A: We have been able to more accurately calculate the total expenses that will be incurred in relation to final liquidation and dissolution of the G REIT.In finance and economics, liquidation is an event that usually occurs when a company is insolvent, meaning it cannot pay its obligations as and when they come due. Bankruptcy Code governs liquidation proceedings; solvent companies can also file for Chapter 7, but this is uncommon.For quality legal representation from a skilled Wisconsin business law attorney, contact , we know that building a strong business foundation can contribute to business success and prevent problems down the road.Our Wisconsin business law attorneys help make sure your business gets off on the right track with expert guidance in business formation, whether it is a partnership, a corporation, or another business entity.