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Been the first village of organic tea in China, it stands out in the pleasant natural ecological environment that is good place to product great teas. Dongkeng Village - the first village of organic tea in China.The first export tea in China is from here Ms Liao, who has been in organic tea industry for about ten years, introduced the hard experience of exploiting organic tea garden from initial desolation forest here.The two pools look like the eyes that are watching the sky. With elevation of 300 m to 1556 m, Tianmu Mountain is well-known for its typical forest ecosystem and landscape of middle subtropical regions.Dongkeng Organic Tea Garden is located in Tian Mu, Lin’an, Hangzhou.Whenever you feel upset or restless, Long Jing Tea is the perfect drink to relax and calm you.This Organic Dragon Well Long Jing tea comes from Tianmu Mountain, located in Lin’an, northwest in Zhejiang Province, a distance of 84 kilometers away from Hangzhou. There is a pool on each top of east peak (elevation of 1480 meters) and west peak (elevation of 1506 meters) of Tianmu Mountain.To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise.

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We are currently carrying 21 of these certified organic health tea blends.“Certified Organic” is strictly regulated by the USDA’s National Organic Program, which is run by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.First created in 1990 with the Organic Foods Production Act, the National Organic Program oversees the standards, permitted substances, inspection, and labeling of any product with the “USDA Certified Organic” label.A historic tea cultivating region dating back to the 1200s, Nishio’s stable climate, fresh pristine river waters, fertile soil, and remoteness from urban development foster tea leaves that are more resiliently green and full of nutrients.Currently, Aiya holds over 80% of the exclusive harvesting rights to the Nishio tea plantations.