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The licensee may be represented by an attorney at the hearing or may represent him/herself. The AHC will issue a written decision following the hearing, indicating what facts were proven by the evidence and whether or not the facts indicate the licensee has violated the law and is subject to discipline. The disciplinary hearing is a formal hearing on the record.

The Board will have a court reporter present and all witnesses will be sworn.

The Board, through its attorney, will then be required to present evidence at a hearing, which will attempt to prove the facts alleged in the complaint.

The attorney will also file written arguments in which the attorney explains why these facts are a violation of the law. If the AHC decides in favor of the board indicating that the licensee is subject to discipline, the Board will conduct a disciplinary hearing.

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Dentists, Veterinarians, Podiatrists and Optometrists Prescribing Expiration Dates of Licenses Issued by the Board of Pharmacy Food and Drug Administration Generic Drug Formulary Jury Duty Exemption Medical Practice Statutes of Interest Military Service Misbranding and Adulteration National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Physician Assistants Practice of Pharmacy and the Internet Prescriptions from Foreign Physicians Repackaging, Federal Registration Required Return/Reuse of Controlled Substances State/Federal Law Variances Tablet Splitting Technicians/Interns Tips for Prevention of Noncompliant Situations Transfer of Drugs to Foreign Country Transfer of Prescriptions United States Pharmacopeia Administrative Hearing Commission Process: The Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC) is an independent state agency comprised of hearing commissioners who conduct hearings in cases in which a licensing board has denied licensure to an applicant and the applicant chooses to contest the board's decision.